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Banky Spray


Coke Fish Got Fat

An Intreasting Observation in ya know... An Observational Intreasting Way...

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Travels With Elliot: Houston, Texas
True Make-Believe-Winchester-Hug

This is my second entry to the Hostile Takeover contest for the comic Friendly Hostility.

I would strongly suggest the comic it considering it is my second fandom!

I made a little cut-out doll of Elliot the bunny and took pictures of him around Houston.
This kind of turned into a very weee guide of Houston with my personal opinions.
If my camera hadn't died I would have gone Downtown.

There will probably be more of "Travels with Elliot"

Sneak peek!
Elliot keeps stealing my minestrone!

Good Elliot, he succeded in only falling off the dash board three times!
-According to the clock it is... 11:57am
-Located in my mom's car

"Ahhh 59... good times"

 If you ever go to Houston do not be fooled by the very large building that says "Williams Tower" for it will always be "The Transco Tower" to me... damn sell outs...
-This very tall building can usually be seen from anywhere in the city and right next to it is "The Galleria" shopping mall that goes underground and around the tower.
-At night there is a search light that circles around like a lighthouse.
-You also cannot get pass the first floor of the building due to security reasons, but there is a cool art gallery that you can visit.

This is a magical place with many whims and wonders and my money mysteriously disappears everytime I go in.
-They have amazing discounts
-Everytime I go I always buy another painting-marker.
-Located on Montrose near Westheimer
-You can usually cozy up to the cashiers and get discounts, btw.

Oh Elliot why must you be so small?
-...Because we love you thats why, and so you can hide in mysterious places like people's hair.
-Foto Fest is a yearly organized... well... ok, basically different parts of Houston are hosted by different photographers and they display their photography .

 Elliot is stealing my abomination/coffee
-Latte with a shot of Caramel,Pumpkin, and Banana. Five Splenda and no foam *though they forgot this time*
-Inversion coffee house use to be a art gallery then it was torn down and made into an amazing piece of art , and now it is an awesome coffee house that I drive clear across Houston to go to.
-The baristas are amazing and hilarious.
-Located next to 'Texas Art Supply' on Montrose.

Hollywood is actually a couple of stores put together including a restraunt that has fried mushrooms that make you cry in happiness when you eat them.
-The store a little to the right is full of sex toys... no, I wasn't going to take pictures of Elliot posing next to them
-Located a block off of Montrose (along side Converse st.) behind Texas Art Supply

Because Derringer always makes me think of rainbows (for good reason) and Elliot sits on his head... case closed.
-I could not find a closer flag :(

Elliot visits Rice University!!
-Thanks to Elliot I finally went on campus and immediatly got lost.
-Located near the Museum District
-Full of smart people (and bunnies)

Museum District!!!
-There are a lot more museums around the corner from this sign to... they like pop up like bunnies.
-All museums are free on Thursdays!

Houston Press, for all your entertainment needs
-Now I want to make Wheat-paste stickers of Elliot all over Houston (with credit of course to Sandra)

'Nuff said

Contemporary Arts Museum
-This museum is always changing inside and the exhibits are amazing
-Right now they have the 3-D plaster models from Pixar characters
-Free everyday (a donation if your nice)

Museum of History
-There are two of these around the main entrance.
-... like lions.
-get it?

-In between the art museums and the science museum
-Locate on Main St. (passing Montrose)

-Because it makes me giggle everytime

St. Peter's Episcopal Church
-located next to History Museum
-The court yard looks like the set they used for the first Quidditch lesson in the 1st Harry Potter movie.

-Because apparently the restraunts are only in four states and the 'Whatachickin' is awesome!

-waitin for my strawberry shake

18. Elliot sitting on Nathan and adoring Jared Padalecki's signature from afar.

Nooooo Elliot!
-Elliot completly fell into the opening and I had to fish him out with some scissors.

19. Hanging with my cat, Casey who was too scared of Elliot so I could get a better picture

20. Taking a page out of Derringer's book!

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I was laughing at the circular intersection one. XD *facepalm*

oh yes!
At the Fangoria convention in Austin.
I need Jensen's too but it will cost $50.

I don't think anyone can not laugh at that sing, it's so awkward.

I need to live in Texas, or L.A., Chicago, or Florida[where all the conventions are..obv. lol]. We have conventions in New Jersey, but nooo the Fangoria in Secausas, NJ is for the 40th Anniversary of the Night of the Living Dead...I believe. Like come on, why can't Jared or Jensen come to Jersey. It's not so bad. LOL

And I'm surprised they haven't done anything in NY!
But a lot of awesome people are from Jersey


It's true. :p

I'm going to name a few: Anne Hathaway, Zach Braff, Meryl Streep, Nick Zano(from What I like about you was born in my town, lol), Martha Stewart grew up in town, uhm. Kelly Bishop lives in South Orange which is only 20 minutes away. She's my only connection to Jared. lmao

Happy Easter!

Who is Kelly Bishop? (I've been awake for 48 hours and my brain is fried)

My few: Voltaire, Kevin Smith, MCR, and some other bands?

It's okay, well she was the grandma from Gilmore Girls. LOL

Oh yeah, MCR grew up in the town right next to mine and Gerard Way was in the Starbucks once in my town.

Oh yeah duh, Kevin Smith *facepalm* I forgot about him. xP

Aww.. I knew I knew that name!

I can just imagine every teenage girl slamming their faces against the windows of that Starbucks...

Two of my friends were standing in the Starbucks when he was in there and they couldn't move. lmao

My friend Somaya is in love with MCR and especially Gerard Way and she was soooo mad that she couldn't see him. LOL

ok, it's not letting me send a message but:

I gotta tell you though, I don't get on AIM and I guess I'll start getting back on Yahoo. I usually use Gmail if you have an account there.

Oh well that's okay. I'm on AIM 24/7, but I rarely talk. I really only talk on MSN & Yahoo. lol


I'm ridiculously jealous! I LOVE Jared SO much! If Jared and/or Jensen ever came to VA (not that anyone ever does, which is why this state SUCKS) I would die of happiness, I swear. You are soo lucky. Is he as hot up close as he is on screen? ;] (of course he is!)

Hahaha... Yes, but mooooorrrreee!


Dude, Jill, this is AWESOME. SEND IT IN!!!

hahahaha I was imagining the icon you have of Derringer

yayz! Thankies. You think I should send it in like this, or put it all ona giant meme-style photoshop thingy

I looooooove love LOVE Whataburger!

canon ftw.

also in general? just very entertaining and cute!

What do you mean 'canon ftw'?

I don't think Elliot could ever stop being cute... I know this because my roommate took him from me and keeps putting him in her pocket and walking around with him on her head.

canon for the win. I love canon, it's what I use, too :)

Oh! The camera!
I thought you were talking about "Fandoms"

damn straight. ...well not that straight

LOVE FOR YOU! The tour = awesome. I miss Houston...

god that made me want to go to houstan. Despite the days it would take to get there. And the gas. But still anything fo elliot (and free museums)

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